Delivering blended learning Community of Interest Group meeting

Start & End Date : 
Wednesday, October 13, 2021


10:00 - 11:30

First meeting of the Delivering blended learning Community of Interest Group, supported by Jisc.


The Delivering blended learning CIG will be looking at libraries’ role in supporting their institutions as they make this transition.


Co-convenors: David Clover, Middlesex University and Suzanne Tatham, University of Sussex


What are we seeking to achieve?

The focus of the group will be on knowledge exchange - sharing information and best practice between institutions and beyond. You are invited to bring your ideas and experience to a shared conversation about the future of academic and research libraries. We are looking for creative and collaborative approaches to practical issues and are interested in fresh thinking and disruptive innovation.


How will the group work?

Membership is open to all staff at member institutions who are interested in actively engaging in a conversation about the future. The group will be self-directing and self-organising. We have made initial appointments of two co-convenors for this group, but ultimately the leadership of the group will be passed over to its members. This CIG will have a formal link to the relevant SCONUL strategy group and will have support from that group. It will be up to you to decide on priorities and set your agenda, but we will ask each group to put on one event each year for the broader membership and to present an annual report to the SCONUL AGM.


This is open to all staff at SCONUL member institutions.  For details on how to register e-mail