Fifteen good practice digital literacy case studies - Wed, 9 Oct 2013

SCONUL publishes briefing for members on information and digital literacy.


SCONUL has been working on an information literacy and digital scholarship research project, known as RILADS, since October 2012 in partnership with the Research Information Network (RIN). More information can be found here ( The aim of the project has been to deliver a small number of key outputs contributing to a wider investigation into the support available to students, staff and researchers to enhance digital literacy.


The project has produced the following which may be useful to academic libraries:

  • fifteen examples of good practice
  • key learning points on developing digital literacy resources.

The project is now focusing on the outputs of the JISC ‘Developing Digital Literacies’ programme, investigating the enhancement of digital scholarship skills of information professionals, using the SCONUL definition: “Digital scholarship: the ability to participate in emerging academic, professional and research practices that depend on digital systems." It is anticipated that findings will identify gaps in provision and efforts will be made to make proposals on how these might best be filled.


For more information, see the attached SCONUL Members Briefing