Higher education Green Paper - Mon, 9 Nov 2015

The Government has published the HE Green Paper.


Key points of the paper to note are as follows;

  • The TEF will use measures including NSS data; student retention rates and graduate employment. The precise metrics to be used will be the subject of a technical consultation in 2016.  
  • In year one of the TEF, universities which achieve the “first level” in the TEF will be allowed to increase fees in line with inflation from 2017-18, meaning effectively that, across the sector, fees will rise by inflation over the next three years.
  • HEFCE and OFFA are to be merged into the Office for Students (OfS), and will be given a primary objectives of promoting the student interest. The OfS would not have a role in grant allocation for research. 
  • The paper proposes the use of data and metrics for the next REF, but no real detail is included.


Read a full list of the key points here.


Read the full paper here.