SCONUL Groups: help shape the future of our sector - Fri, 11 Dec 2020

There are a number of exciting opportunities for staff at SCONUL member institutions to join their peers in helping shape the future of our sector through joining one of our working groups.  We are recruiting members of our Organisational Development and Trends and Futures Strategy Groups, as well as members of our Mentoring Oversight Group and the Chair and members of our Statistics Group. 


In 2020 in response to the unfolding pandemic, SCONUL adapted the focus of our work and the way in which this was delivered. We will continue to develop these new ways of working in 2021, and are seeking contributors from across the community to support this process. Please consider putting yourself forward, and if you would like to discuss what’s required, please get in touch either with Susan Ashworth, SCONUL Chair or Ann Rossiter to find out more.


How to apply

  • email Ann Rossiter setting out which group you would like to be involved with and why, including a short biography (your nomination should be no more than 500 words).
  • the deadline for responses is Thursday 14 January 2021.

The vacancies
There are opportunities for participation in the following groups:


Organisational Development Strategy Group - One vacancy
The Organisational Development Strategy Group is looking at the needs of the community in relation to developing the current workforce, leadership skills and capacities, and workforce equality, diversity and inclusion. The group has a particular focus on the long-term impacts of the current crisis on the workforce. The Chair of the group is Rosie Jones, Teesside University, and the Vice-Chair is Emma Walton, Loughborough University.  The group meets four times a year.


Trends and Futures Strategy Group – Two vacancies
The Trends and Futures Strategy Group is looking at long-term trends for teaching, learning and research, and their implications for libraries, particularly in light of the major developments over the last year.  The chair of this group is John Cox, National University of Ireland (Galway) and the Vice-Chair is Andrew Barker, Lancaster University. This group also meets four times a year.  


Mentoring Oversight Group - Three vacancies
The Mentoring Oversight Group oversees the SCONUL mentoring scheme to ensure it runs smoothly and meets the needs of members. The group also reviews mentee submissions and matches them with potential mentors based on the interests and experience of both parties and is keen to encourage uptake of the scheme among BAME staff members. The Chair of the group is Cathy Walsh, University of Essex. These vacancies  would suit library leaders with experience of mentoring and a passion for supporting current and future leaders.


Statistics Steering Group - Chair and two member vacancies
We are seeking a new Chair for the Statistics Steering Group plus two new members. In 2021, in addition to overseeing the development and delivery of the SCONUL statistics service, the group will lead a review of the SCONUL statistics, looking at collecting EDI data across the community; at the strategic functions that the stats can and do fulfil and at their functionality for benchmarking.  We are seeking a Chair with a good overview of the functions that the statistics fulfil for individual institutions and the community and members with experience in statistical management and learner analytics.