Advance HE - Leading change on race equality

As part of our ongoing commitment to increasing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the sector, SCONUL has partnered with AdvanceHE to bring members subsidised development workshops on ‘Leading Change on Race Equality’.

The two linked workshops are designed to strengthen knowledge, skills and confidence to lead progress on race equality in college, national and university libraries.  SCONUL Executive Board members previously trialled this workshop and found it “thought provoking, challenging’ with ‘facilitators who were very knowledgeable about the library context’ and felt that it was “a very valuable experience”.

In partnering with AdvanceHE, we are able to offer a significantly discounted rate to support participation and development across the membership. 

The workshop, intended for library professionals currently in management roles, is comprised of two interactive sessions:

  • Session 1 aims to strengthen understandings of the core issues relating to ‘race’ equality in academic libraries, and explore strategies for tackling racism and racial inequality
  • Session 2 will further prepare participants for leading change, with a focus on the  knowledge, behaviours and skills required to be effective leaders of race equality work.  Building on the work of the two modules, you will work together to plan approaches to key priorities for action through creative problem-solving.

In 2022-23, SCONUL will be supporting two iterations of the workshops in October 2022 and March 2023.  We are able to offer these at £95 per participant which should ensure that cost is not a barrier for any of our members.  To register an interest or for further information, please contact Jenelle Negraeff at