Become a mentor


Mentors should have at least two years' experience at a level equivalent to or higher than the proposed mentee. (So someone can have two years' experience at second tier level, but such a mentor would not normally be able to mentor someone with greater experience at second tier level, or in a director level role).

Mentor applicants who have moved on from a library leadership position (e.g. who have retired or moved into a different role, self-employment or consultancy) are also welcome.

At this level, it is expected that members of the SCONUL leadership community may have had experience of training in mentoring e.g. within their own organisations or as members of CILIP. Where this is not the case, we would expect mentors to have prepared for taking on this role.

These eligibility criterias are guidelines, and SCONUL will use its discretions and common sense when proposing a mentoring partnership.

For advice on becoming a mentor, please see our guidance note for mentors.

To express interest in becoming a mentor, please fill out the online application form

For information regarding the matching process and the SCONUL Mentoring Oversight Group, please click here

What happens next?

Mentors will be added to the SCONUL Mentoring partnerships register. You will be contacted as soon as a potential match with a mentee has been identified. This may be very quickly, or may take some time if there are no mentees currently seeking mentors. You should be prepared for potential mentees to make contact with you on a provisional basis, as they are encouraged to approach more than one possible mentor with a view to making a choice based on whether the 'chemistry' feels right for them. You should also keep an open mind, and be prepared to say so if the proposed match does not feel right for you.