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Comments from mentees

Mentees have found the scheme helpful: The partnership was definitely beneficial"; It was incredibly useful" and "I would absolutely recommend the scheme to others".

Finding a mentor

Mentees should normally be emerging leaders (senior academic library staff in deputy director or second tier equivalent positions) or those recently appointed to their first director level post. However, the scheme is also open to more experienced leaders.

Mentee applicants who do not fit this definition may be matched on a 'best efforts' basis if a suitable mentor is available, but partnerships that fall outside the core scope of SCONUL mentoring will not be monitored formally as part of the scheme.

For advice on finding a mentor, please see our guidance note for mentees.

To express interest in finding a mentor, please fill out the online application form

For information regarding the matching process and the SCONUL Mentoring Oversight Group, please click here

What happens next?

SCONUL will confirm receipt of your application and contact you if there are any queries. Mentees should normally expect to receive a response within a month. You will be offered up to five mentor suggestions, depending on the availability of suitable partners at the time of your application. You can make a choice there and then and approach your chosen mentor, or you can arrange an introductory phone call (or meeting if you prefer) with each in order to reach a decision on the basis of that initial agreement and an assesmment of whether the 'chemistry' feels right for you.

SCONUL mentors understand that this process is a valuable way for mentees (and mentors themselves) to make the best possible start in a mentoring relationship, and will not be offended if you choose someone else. (Mentors may also on occasion indicate if they feel that a potential match is not right for them, and in the same vein you should not take this personally.)