Focus 47

SCONUL Focus 47

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Student views on library services: key lessons for developing libraries of the future
Steve Rose

Supporting our academic community through a staff questionnaire – Library and Learning Services, University of East London
Simone Ngozi Okolo and Robin Stinson

Information skills for art and design: the InfosmART project at the Glasgow School of Art Library
Duncan Chappell

The Information Source Evaluation Matrix: a quick, easy and transferable content evaluation tool
Kaye Towlson, Mike Leigh and Lucy Mathers

R@P: developing and promoting the Referencing@Portsmouth service
James Matthews, Roisin Gwyer, Linda Jones, Anne Worden

Video killed the ‘PDF’ star: taking information resource guides online
David Meehan and Jack Hyland

They all have them – why not use them? Introducing mobile learning at the University of Huddersfield Library
Andrew Walsh

Enquiry services go mobile at LJMU
Vicki Owen

PALs – students supporting students at the University of Lincoln Library
Lys Ann Reiners, Helen Williams, Rachel Farrow

Library clinics: the introduction of an outreach service to postgraduate students in UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School
Lorraine Foster

Working with Graphic Design students to promote ‘Land of Lost Content’ at Leeds Met
Kirsty Carver and Catherine Parkin

Mystery visiting in Lincoln: the visitor’s point of view
Laraine Cooper, Charlotte Everitt, Marie Nicholson and Emma Sansby

Evaluation of staff learning and development at Anglia Ruskin University Library
Jenny Cefai

500 tips to 500 wishes: writing a book to support academic library staff
Rachel Bickley

A ‘Day in the Life’: behind the scenes of Cardiff University’s Libraries
Jenni Tucker

Using the CLA scanning licence to offer 24x7 access to in-demand book chapters and journal articles at the University of Chester
Lisa Peters

Information literacy meets library 2.0
Reviewed by Rebecca Woolley

Searching 2.0, Michael P. Sauers
Reviewed by Martin Wolf

‘Picking the winners’ The SCONUL Conference 2009, 10–12 June 2009, Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth
Conference review by Antony Brewerton

RLUK/SCONUL digest of scholarly communication news
Frederick J. Friend

News from Member Libraries