Focus 51

ISSN 1745-5790 (online)
ISSN 1745-5782 (print)

The list of contents for SCONUL Focus 51 can be found below. Each article is in PDF format.

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The austerity issue
Valerie Stevenson

Five factors for success in a challenging world
Tim Marshall

SCONUL Shared Services Meeting
Ann Rossiter

Using the SCONUL statistics
Claire Creaser

Getting to grips with the figures: the Data Manager post at the University of Portsmouth
Ian Mayfield

JUSP: Journal Usage Statistics Portal
Angela Conyers, Jo Lambert

Collection and use of management information
Sam Hutchinson

The e-measures pilot
Pat Barclay, Angela Conyers, Claire Creaser

The SCONUL Library Design Awards 2010
Sheila Cannell

The British Library’s Annual Report 2009/10: proof of an essential investment in the UK knowledge economy
Fiona McCarthy

A week in the life of a further education partner college librarian
Sarah Crudge

I just want my website to talk to me: implementation and trial of a chatbot at the University of Wolverhampton
John Dowd

A sound education: using podcasts to develop study skills
Karen Croft, Joe Maxwell, Marie Scopes

Movie magic: the thrill of Hollywood enhances information literacy teaching at Cardiff
Nicola Jones, Nigel Morgan, Sarah Nicholas, Erica Swain

Implementation of SUMMON at the University of Huddersfield
Alison Sharman, Eileen Hiller

What researchers want: a personal case study
Donna Carroll

Developing library services in response to engagement with academics
Michelle Blake

‘… and any other duties deemed necessary:’ an analysis of subject librarian job descriptions
Antony Brewerton

The benefits of buddying
Marishona Ortega, Di Walker, Pam Young, Carole Bee, Bev Jones

‘Do something different’ days at Cardiff University library service
Sally Earney

‘We all work in a library, so what could possibly be done differently?’ A Customer Services benchmarking project
Matt Cunningham

The Larkin25 celebrations, Hull 2010
Valerie Stevenson

Library mashups: exploring new ways to deliver library data
Reviewed by Will Reid

A practical writing guide for academic librarians: keeping it short and sweet
Reviewed by Michelle Blake

Envisioning future academic library services: initiatives, ideas and challenges
Reviewed by Valerie Stevenson

‘Managing academic library services in tough economic times’: the 2010 SCONUL autumn conference, British Library
Reviewed by Valerie Stevenson

Super-convergence. Liverpool John Moores University 7 October 2010
Leo Appleton

Partnerships for higher education in further education: the library perspective
Ian Collins

News from member libraries