Focus 53

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Learning from each other
Valerie Stevenson

A week in the life
Dr Donna Carroll

Planning for the future: the SCONUL annual conference 2011
Valerie Stevenson

SCONUL conference: panel discussion on the impact of student fees
Valerie Stevenson

Research evaluation: bibliometrics and the librarian
Jenny Delasalle

‘Twitter ye not?’
Emma Cragg (aka ‘ekcragg’), Antony Brewerton (aka ‘librarian boy’)

Focusing on students’ discovery tool preferences
Sarah Elsegood

A day in the life...
Nikki Heath

Introducing problem-based learning into one-shot information literacy instruction at Waterford Institute of Technology Libraries
Alan Carbery, Nora Hegarty

E-reader pilot projects at the University of Manchester
Olivia Walsby, Martin Snelling

Using QR codes in the library at Leeds Metropolitan University
John Bottomley

Supporting distance learning students with disabilities
Geraldine Smith

Creation of an online catalogue for a special collection: the experience at WIT Libraries
Helen Hayden

News from member libraries

SCONUL Performance Portal
Simon Bevan

NoWAL renewed – still here, but different

The Open Rose Group
Aly Peacock

An Information Literacy Framework for Wales is launched
Joy Head

Geoffrey Ford, 1942–2011
Cathryn Gallacher, Mike Heery

Future ready: the Special Libraries Association’s Annual Conference 2011
Reviewed by Natalia Madjarevic

Effective practices: enhancing learning, teaching and student success
Reviewed by Andrew Fleming