Focus 54

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ISSN 1745-5782 (print)

The list of contents for SCONUL Focus 54 can be found below. Each article is in PDF format.

The copyright in items published in SCONUL Focus remains the property of the author(s) or their employers as the case may be. Items are accepted on the basis that SCONUL will normally expect to grant permission for the reproduction of articles, on paper or in other media, for educational/research purposes. This will include open access repositories, to which authors are encouraged to submit. Authors should contact the Chair of the Editorial Board if they would like to discuss this policy.

How are we doing?
Valerie Stevenson

The university library of the future
Conference report by Lys Ann Reiners and Valerie Stevenson

The university library of the future
Panel session: What will UK HE look like in 2021?

The Prince’s Dream
Michael Gorman

A week in the life
Bethan Ruddock

Proving value in challenging times
Heather Marshall

‘Moments of truth’: measuring how the library and student support service impacts upon the student experience
Leo Appleton

Library Impact Data Project
Graham Stone, Dave Pattern, Bryony Ramsden

LibQUAL+®: The SCONUL experience
Selena Killick, J. Stephen Town

Does your library need ‘More books’?
Simon Speight, Ben Taylorson

Comfort, stretch and panic: introducing a CPD framework for service and professional development
Maria Mirza, Carol Chatten, Emily Moffat

Developing research support
Antony Brewerton

Veni, vidi, video... making a library video for new students
Liz Murray, Helen Westwood, Samantha Halford

UKSG and Twitter: what we’re doing, why, and to what effect
Charlie Rapple

Twitter – a personal perspective
Catriona Fisher

The SCARLET Project: Augmented Reality in special collections
Guyda Armstrong, John Hodgson, Frank Manista, Matt Ramirez,

Open content for management education – an innovative approach by OpenScout
Cecilia Loureiro-Koechlin, Uta Schwertel

News from member libraries

JISC Collections 2011 Conference and AGM
Valerie Stevenson

A JISC digital literacies workshop – with a twist
Lis Parcell, Sharon Crossan

Supporting research and researchers
Reviewed by Penelope Street

Book review: A guide to teaching information literacy
Reviewed by Michelle Blake