Focus 58

SSN 1745-5790 (online)

ISSN 1745-5782 (print)

The list of contents for SCONUL Focus 58 can be found below. Each article is in PDF format.

The copyright in items published in SCONUL Focus remains the property of the author(s) or their employers as the case may be. Items are accepted on the basis that SCONUL will normally expect to grant permission for the reproduction of articles, on paper or in other media, for educational/research purposes. This will include open access repositories, to which authors are encouraged to submit. Authors should contact the Chair of the Editorial Board if they would like to discuss this policy.

New skills for academic library teams

Reshaping library management in changing times
Oliver Pritchard

Teaching ‘old’ librarians new tricks
Simon Bains

‘A sort of tender curiosity’ – different ways of looking at change
Trudy Turner

New skills for the team you have, and the team you don’t…
Anna O’Neill

Bridging the mobile skills gap for library staff
Kay Munro & Karen Stevenson

Developing Digital Excellence staff development programme
Megan Juss, Zoe Clarke & Rachel Bury

Information literacy meets employability
Sam Oakley

Implementing an online training course in disability awareness for frontline staff
Bernadette Mellon, Marie G. Cullen & Helen Fallon

The evolution of a skills development team
Lisa Thompson & Pamela Morris

Skills development at the University of Manchester Library
Jennie Blake & Rosie Jones

Future librarians, future skills: skilling librarians for the 21st century
David Parkes

The Alma Learning Programme at Plymouth University
Elena Menéndez-Alonso

Cloud atlas: University of Wolverhampton’s journey into the Library Management System cloud
John Dowd & Frances Machell

Library Focus @ UEA
Nicholas Lewis, Deborah Burbage & Katherine Fox-Boudewijn

ERASMUS staff development
Delyth Morris

Birthday reflections on a blog: a subject librarian’s blog one year on
Christine Love-Rodgers

Making treasures pay? Benefits of the library treasures volume considered
K. E. Attar

Ebook QR code project
Jim Green

Welcome to... Just a minute!
Sioned Kowalczuk & Paul Fryer

Building developments at Durham University Library
Dr Richard Pears

Creating the library ‘wow factor’
Jacqui Gaul

News from member libraries

Collaboration in Library and Learning Environments
Reviewed by Leo Appleton

Practical digital preservation: a how-to guide for organizations of any size
Reviewed by Valerie Stevenson