Focus 69

ISSN 1745-5790

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Editorial: Reaching out to the research community: roles for academic libraries
Steve Rose

Supporting research staff and postgraduates at the University of the West of England, Bristol: the growth of library research support
Jane Belger and Jennifer Crossley

From generic to bespoke: Enhancing researcher engagement with library research
Vicky Wallace

Meeting the needs of researchers in the new main library at the University of Birmingham
Elizabeth Hewett and Frances Machell

A changing space: a case study of the Research Hub at University of Leeds Library
Eleanor Warren, Pat Spoor, Kirstine McDermid and Rachel Proudfoot

How research students at The Open University conduct research: insights from cognitive mapping
David Jenkins

Developing academic writing support for postgraduate researchers at the University of Wolverhampton
Helen Williams

Building networks to strengthen research data management advocacy and training
Daniel van Strien and Myriam Fellous-Sigrist

Making a statement
Under-compliant data access statements and support offered at the University of Bristol

Zosia Beckles, Stephen Gray, Debra Hiom, Kirsty Merrett, Kellie Snow and Damian Steer

Bibliometrics a job for the library or the research office?
Elizabeth Gadd

Supporting REF in a small university
Helen Muir

Library support for the lifecycle of research publications
Alison Sutton, Karen Rowlett and Paul Johnson

Dublin Business School Library: Supporting research and scholarly activity
Alexander Kouker and Jane Buggle

Research support: An expanding role for librarians in academia?
Rachel Isaac-Menard

Reflections on supporting research and being a researcher
Paul Cannon

Blending librarianship with research and pedagogy
Karen E. McAulay

Researching my own practice: doing a professional doctorate as a librarian
Clare McCluskey Dean

Librarians as academic authors: Experiences of editing a themed issue of an academic journal
Helen Fallon

Open journal systems and undergraduate research
How an open journal system can facilitate digital literacy and a research culture

Dr Natalia Gerodetti, James Fisher and Kirsty Bower

Mass digitisation at the University of Edinburgh
Gavin Willshaw

Changes in the research support landscape over the last ten+ years: reflections on the DARTS conference series 2005–2018
Anna Barefoot, Hilary Cooksley, Jenni Crossley, Abigail Heath, Alastair Sleat, Mandy Smith and Claire Stevens

Make It Snappy: The Edge Hill University Library Snapchat Story!
Julie Nolan