From Adaptive Practice to Service Redesign

Return to Libraries after Lockdown


Blended learning and the shape and design of library services



What is the programme about?

As we take stock and review the impact of the sudden shock the sector has faced and the future shape of our services, we have an opportunity to share and learn from our responses and to think creatively about the future. Which elements of this adaptive practice should we retain and which should we discard? Which established practices no longer look fit for purpose? What barriers have we identified to full digital delivery of our services? This programme will examine these questions and provide a space for members to stand back from the immediate challenges we are facing and plan for the future.


Programme activities


    Blended Learning and the Shape and Design of Library Services
    Wednesday 29 September, 14.00 - 15.30

    This event will look at developing thinking across HE on delivering blended learning and teaching. We will hear perspectives on the implications for libraries from those writing and thinking on these issues including Jisc, OfS and UPP. This will be followed by a plenary session.


    • Mary Curnock Cook CBE, Chair, UPP Foundation Student Futures Commission
    • Meg Price, Union Development Project Officer, NUS Students’ Union Charitable Services,
    • Josh Fleming, Head of Strategy, OfS
    • James Clay, Head of Higher Education and Student Experience, Jisc

    This event is open to all staff at SCONUL member institutions.  To register please email


    Webinar for members from small and specialist institutions to examine the impact of the pandemic on their library services
    Thursday 15 July, 11.00 - 12.30

    Library services at small and specialist institutions, whether they be arts focused or specialist STEM institutions, share a number of particular challenges as library buildings re-open and we adjust to the new environment in which we’re working. This webinar examines the impact of the pandemic on their library services and discuss a roadmap out of the current crisis.  Login to the Libraries after Lockdown event site to watch the recording.

    The campus experience post Covid: what does this mean for library spaces?
    Monday 5 July, 13.00 - 14.30

    This event focuses on the use of library spaces in a post Covid era. It includes the launch of research by Dr Andrew Cox, University of Sheffield, on drivers for the usage of library spaces in the UK. The launch includes presentation of the findings followed by a panel discussion on the impact of Covid on the use of library space. Login to the Libraries after Lockdown event site to watch the recording.

    Shared international perspectives on libraries’ responses to the pandemic
    Monday 29 March, 11.00 - 13.00

    Academic and research libraries across the world are facing a similar set of challenges in responding to COVID-19 and all that has followed. This launch event brings together speakers from Hong Kong, Europe and Australia to help frame the conversation we have about the mutual challenges and opportunities facing us.  We will share perspectives on our learning around user wishes and needs, about barriers to full digital delivery, and the opportunities the crisis has brought to rethink established patterns of service delivery and user expectation. Login to the Libraries after Lockdown event site to watch the recording.

    Community of interest group

    SCONUL is establishing a community of interest group on Delivering blended learning (looking at libraries’ role in supporting their institutions as they make this transition). The focus of the group will be on knowledge exchange - sharing information and best practice between institutions and beyond. Membership is open to all staff at SCONUL member institutions who are interested in actively engaging in a conversation about the future. For further information or to register your interest, please e-mail