SCONUL Statisfaction Survey - Guidance Notes

Guidance Notes on the Templates

The current templates were updated in 2005 and have two variants, according to whether your library forms part of a converged service:

The survey templates are designed to be used in a web format. Paper versions can also be produced from the template for users with visual impairment. The survey results can be analysed using standard survey software like SPSS, Libra, Snap or similar packages.

All universities and HEIs vary. The templates are designed so that they can be adapted for local nomenclature (for example, names of academic departments or faculties) and for the range of services offered (see Question 12). Institutions using the survey as a quality mechanism for external accreditation like the Charter Mark can also adapt the template for this purpose.

A pilot project run by LISU in 2005 showed that benchmarking between SCONUL libraries using the survey template was feasible. Of course, this is dependant on a low level of local adaptation of the template (particularly of Questions 8 to 13 in the current template). It is intended to develop this benchmarking option further and libraries may wish to bear this in mind when adapting the template.