Technology and Markets Strategy Group

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The Technology and Markets Strategy Group will continue the work of the Collaboration Strategy Group, with the addition of two key areas of activity – new technologies and digital preservation.

This group works closely with Jisc and other stakeholders to develop and articulate a shared understanding of the development of library infrastructure based on member needs.

The group will analyse and identify barriers to the adoption of new technologies for libraries, for example in relation to artificial intelligence (AI). SCONUL has begun developing a plan for a two-year project exploring the road map to adoption of AI in libraries which this group will lead on.

Digital preservation is a responsibility shared broadly between institutions, private sector providers and public bodies, but an area where there is a lack of clarity and confidence over long-term planning. SCONUL has undertaken exploratory work in this area and we propose carrying out a project to scan the current arrangements and identify areas of weakness and further action. Again, this group will lead on this work.

Members of the Group are:

SCONUL members:
Anna O’Neill, University of Southampton (Chair)
Marilyn Clarke, Goldsmiths, University of London (Vice-Chair)
Georgina Dimmock, University of Northampton
Sue Egleton, University of Reading
Robin Green, University of Warwick
Fiona Greig, University of Winchester
Anna Grigson, Royal Holloway University
James Hodgkin, University of Gloucestershire
Mark Hughes, Cardiff Metropolitan University
Gareth Owen, Cardiff University
Ann Rossiter, SCONUL
Jane Saunders, University of Leeds