WGPI Meeting Minutes - 7th September 2006

WGPI Meeting Minutes - 7th September 2006


Working Group on Performance Improvement

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 7 September 2006

Present: Maxine Melling (Chair), Toby Bainton, Angela Conyers, Susan Copeland Claire Creaser, Philip Payne, Stephen Town, Chris West (Secretary), Rupert Wood

Apologies: Jean Yeoh

1. Minutes

The Minutes of the meeting held on 11 May 2006 were accepted as a correct record.

2. Matters arising from the Minutes

a. The next issue of CILIP Update would have a feature on the two impact measurement projects.

b. Stephen had liaised with the Working Group on Information Literacy.

c. Chris had met with a representative from Enzyme International, to discuss the Customer Value Discovery platform. This looked like a useful and interesting methodology, but the indicated cost probably ruled it out as a general tool for SCONUL members.

3. Membership of the Working Group

Following their election to the Executive Board, this was the last meeting for both the Chair and the Secretary who were thanked for their input to the Working Group over the last few years. Following a call for expressions of interest, the Working Group was pleased to note that Stephen would be taking over as Chair (subject to formal confirmation by the Executive Board), with Rupert as Secretary. Consequent replacement members for the Working Group would be in place in time for the next scheduled meeting in January 2007.
Action: ST; RW

4. WGPI Strategic Planning

a. SCONUL Planning Away Day: Toby and Chris had attended the SCONUL Planning Away Day on 15-16 August 2006 at Cambridge. Building on current SCONUL strategies and the most recent members Top Concerns survey, SCONUL would attempt to perform more of a horizon-scanning role for issues of concern over the next few years. These were likely to include Web 2.0, flexible learning spaces, demonstrating research support and super-convergence.

b. WGPI Action Plan 2006: An updated Action Plan for 2006 was approved and would be provided for Executive Board at its meeting on 3 October.
Action: TB

c. WGPI Operational Plan for 2007-08: It was agreed that the primary project for the coming year was VAMP, which had already received an Executive Board grant. Based on discussion at the Working Group, Chris would draft a brief Plan. This would then be considered by Stephen and Rupert, who would send a final version to the Executive Board meeting on 29 November.
Action: CW; ST; RW

5. Value and Impact Measurement Project

The first three work packages (critical review, member survey and findings synthesis) had been completed, thanks to LISU and evidence base. Valuable feedback and support had been received from the workshops at the SCONUL Conference in June. A meeting with Professor Peter Brophy in August had also endorsed the project so far and had produced useful ideas for the remainder of the programme. In view of this input, the remaining three work packages had been revised to deliver value and impact guidelines, along with staff and operational measures guidelines. The final package would deliver process products, namely a Wiki-based website, an expert focus group and a maintenance and sustainability strategy. A summary of the project so far would be circulated to the SCONUL membership shortly. This would include a web page summarising progress on the completed work packages, along with a précis of Professor Brophy’s evaluation and ideas for the rest of the project. Two sessions would also be held at the SCONUL Conference on 28 November.
Action: ST

6. Recent Publications

Claire confirmed that the Annual Library Statistics 2004-05, Higher Education Library Management Statistics 2004-05 and SCONUL Library Statistics 1994-95 to 2004-05 had all been published on schedule. The 2004-05 statistics database had been sent to ILRT for them to update the SCONUL Statistics on the Web. There had been an average level of completion of 84% for the ALS, but the completion rate for the HE College sector was noticeably lower at 62%. A listing of non-returners would be circulated to the Working Group and consideration would be given to the best methods of improving the rate of returns.
Action: PP

7. SCONUL Statistical Return 2005-06

Three returns for the 2005-06 SSR had already been received. Following a meeting of the Statistics Sub-Group in May, additional explanations had been added for e-measures and some other potentially problematic areas. To help institutions, sample/model enquiry recording forms were now available as links from the questionnaire. After checking with the Chair, consideration would be given to adding one non-Working Group member to the Sub-Group.
Action: TB; PP

8. Publisher Deals Project

The project was gathering pace, with four out of the six major publishers covered. Only one participating library had withdrawn from the project. Depending on further financial support, the longer-term aim was to provide a toolkit with guidance.
Action: AC

9. E-inform

The survey platform was now ready for use, with Help screens due to be added later in September. A benchmarking facility would also be added as a later enhancement.

10. LibQUAL+

Cranfield and ARL were exploring the possibility of EU TEMPUS funding to support the further development of LibQUAL+ in Europe. It was noted that the option to run the survey either from January to June or from July to December (which had been introduced to allow for different academic year patterns across the world) might militate against UK-wide benchmarking and longitudinal analysis.

11. Any Other Business

a. CHELSA: Following a visit by Jeremy Atkinson to a CHELSA (Committee for Higher Education Librarians of South Africa) conference, it had been confirmed that they were keen on collaboration on LibQUAL+ benchmarking. It was noted that the proposed SCONUL Study Tour of South Africa in 2007 could be an appropriate opportunity to develop this.
Action: ST

b. Customer Relations Management: Judith Broady-Preston of the Department of Information Studies, University of Wales Aberystwyth, was preparing an AHRC bid to examine CRM methodology in UK HE libraries. Volunteers for partners from WGPI libraries were requested by Friday 15 September.
Action: CW

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