SCONUL and Covid-19

SCONUL is working closely with members to provide support through the current crisis. This includes:

  • Resources for SCONUL members dealing with Covid-19 and resources relating to re-opening the physical library 
  • Hosting webinars for members to discuss responses to the crisis
  • Advocacy on behalf of members on access to content and copyright in particular
  • Continuing to run our services wherever possible. Members contacting us will have their enquiries dealt with in the usual way.



  1. NSS data 2008 - 2020
    Congratulations to the four SCONUL institutions with 93% or more of their students agreeing that their "library resources (e.g.
  2. The hybrid library: SCONUL Annual Statistical Return
    The themed research support analysis from the 2018-19 Annual Statistical Return is available
  3. Westminster government guidance on Higher Education: reopening buildings and campuses


Calendar of events for HE library directors in the UK, Ireland, and abroad.

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