Horizons Strategy Group

The newly formed Horizons Strategy group will lead for the SCONUL community on cross cutting issues including:

  • The drive towards net-zero and the sustainable library (library spaces, content provision and support).

  • Digital transformation and visioning new models of library provision including transforming library spaces to meet emerging institution demand.

  • Integrating the physical and digital library to create a positive user experience.

Group Membership:

  • Rachel Beckett, Manchester Metropolitan University (Co-Chair)
  • Andrew Preater, Goldsmiths, University of London (Co-Chair)
  • Chris Awre, University of Hull
  • Dominic Broadhurst, University of Salford
  • David Clover, Middlesex University
  • Katie Eagleton, University of St Andrews
  • Kate Kelly, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Lisa McLaren, SCONUL
  • Elizabeth Oddy, Newcastle University
  • David Parkes, De Montfort University
  • Sarah Pittaway, Birmingham City University
  • Ann Rossiter, SCONUL
  • Josh Sendall, University of Leeds
  • Suzanne Tatham, University of Southampton
  • Clare West, Bournemouth University
  • Jonathan White, University of Essex
  • Megan Wiley, University of Law
University of Leicester


University of Aberdeen

Current Projects

Resetting our relationship with suppliers: This project is exploring how we might make the relationship between library service providers and member libraries more responsive to member needs. With increasing vertical and horizontal integration in the provider landscape this project will explore how the sector might make use of its significant purchasing power to drive improved pricing transparency, supplier responsiveness and overall cost effectiveness. It will look at how we can develop and use intelligence on sector spend and the outcomes of the Technology Survey to pro-actively manage these relationships at a national level.

Climate change and sustainability: This project will work with the sector to provide support and information on our collective drive to improve sustainability and deliver on the Sustainability Development Goals with a focus on sharing expertise and resources. There will be an inaugural webinar exploring the impact of the requirement to measure SCOPE 3 carbon emissions for libraries https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_IXB2XKHXSzG-gwM0B6343w followed by another webinar exploring the campaign for green libraries with CILIP. Other early activity will include engaging with the procurement agencies on the development of requirements for suppliers, and with AUDE (estates) on their work on space and sustainability.

Future of Libraries: This project will define and articulate our organisational identity and purpose, grounded in our heritage and values while projecting a compelling vision for the future. It will engage and support members in considering their own responses to technological, social, financial and other developments, and use case studies and storytelling approaches, underpinned by qualitative and quantitative evidence to assert a positive, forward-looking future for libraries with our community and stakeholders. It is a joint project between the Horizons and Organisational Development Strategy Groups.