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The development of the library workforce has been one of the major issues for our members over recent years, and these were explored through the Libraries after Lockdown programme which looked at the recruitment lifecycle and the development of an agile and flexible workforce and which facilitated conversations with library leaders in the US, Europe and Australia to share views and experiences.


University of Leicester


Recordings of these discussions are available here:

Two linked events looking at the recruitment lifecycle post-pandemic. Part 1 looked at the planning and conception of new roles. Part 2 looked at interviews (and alternatives); interview techniques; shortlisting (including blind shortlist).  Both events included considerations around diverse recruitment and recruitment for diversity.

  • Embracing new ways of working post-pandemic, Exploring the long-standing pressures faced by those leading libraries in developing their workforce, and the need to develop and agile, flexible workforce which brings the skills and attributes needed to meet the institutional challenges and changes. March 2022 (Available for members: please log in for access).

  • Developing a resilient and agile workforce, Colleagues from across the UK and Ireland came together to explore emerging practice developed during the pandemic and considered methods for embedding positive changes and addressing ongoing challenges, November 2021 (Available for members: please log in for access).

  • The library workforce post-pandemic: exchange of experience, An event exploring evolving demands on the library post pandemic and the implications of this for the workforce and workforce development, July 2021 (Available for members: please log in for access).

SCONUL also produced a range of resources designed to support those leading libraries to manage change effectively with its “Leading Libraries” project:

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